The Community Recreation Park is located off of Route 64 adjacent to Washington
Avenue (SR 2002) near the Fish Hatchery. The Park is used constantly throughout the outdoor season.
 The facility includes playground equipment, three pavilions, stationary grills,
handicap assessable restrooms, a baseball field, a concession stand, and a tennis court. The park is open from day break until sun down? No pets allowed.

The well maintained picnic area is available for reserved events through the
Township Park Manger. The pavilions are reserved for a fee payable to the township. The revenue from these reservations defrays the cost of the property upkeep and for future projects of improvements.  

The baseball field is called home to many Little League ball teams. A concession
stand for refreshments is available during the baseball games.

The property upkeep and maintenance is provided and paid employees of the
township. A new sign is to be installed soon which is just the beginning of many
new projects. New benches have been installed just to sit and relax and enjoy the summer season.

A reservation form is attached for your convenience. Contact the park manager
Kevin Frank at 570-263-6019 to reserve the pavilion of your choice and availability.  

The Park has installed a Volleyball pit and a walking trail for all to enjoy.

New development is planned for 2017. New playground equipment is coming.

Park Rental Form(Printable)

Talley Results

Park Revitalization Committee Survey

 Walking trail exercise equipment and benches along the trail (referred to as a life trail)
 Biking trail around the full perimeter of property
 Another usable Tennis Court, & or improving the existing court
 More Playground equipment
 Climbing Rock wall
 Basket Ball Courts
 Another Baseball field
 Soccer field
 Skate park fenced in ramps etc.
 Visitors Center kiosk for surrounding areas information (more for visitors)
 Wild life viewing area birds / kiosk for bird info like State parks
 Expand parking lot and drive to these new areas
 Trophy Trout Fishing public use
 Handicap fishing areas public use
 Net work for education use as LHU, Clinton County Conservation District (Environmental science /aquatic monitoring site)